The Benefits And Tips Of Smiling And Laughing

One thing in life that is acceptable by anyone, is a funny moment. Even though people are different, everyone lovesa situation that makes them laugh, or at least smile. If you look at the most attractive photos, whether on commercials or on TVs, these people are always smiling, or laughing. One great thing about laughter is that it is contagious. If you see, or hear someone laugh, you might find yourself laughing as well. Just the sound of someone laughing, will force you to be curious to know what is making them laugh. And another great thing is that laughter is the cheapest product that can be manufactured by you, naturally. You will not need to be educated to know how to laugh, neither will you need to have a million dollars, in order to laugh. Rather, laughter is developed by you, and you will decide if you want to laugh, or not. But really, it is good to laugh, and here are some benefits of laughing and smiling;

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1. Laughing Strengthens Organs
When you laugh, the flow of blood is improved, which in turn boosts the energy level in your body. For this, laughter will stimulate the lungs, brain and heart. This helps the organs to work better at keeping the body active. Normally, when you laugh hysterically, you might realize that you will cough in the long run, you might also fail to catch your breath. This can help to clear your air tracts, and you will feel much better when you finally settle.

2. A Smile Releases Endorphins
Endorphins are Neurotransmitters that help a person have the happy feeling. The Endorphins will be released when the muscles in the face are moved. The movement of the muscles will be interpreted by the brain, then the chemicals are released. It has also been studied that a fake smile would also work, since the brain won’t differentiate a fake one and a real one. So basically, the more you smile, the more the chemicals are released, hence, the more you will feel happy.

3. Laughing Can Be A Pain Killer
The Endorphins will also act as pain killers in the body. So if you have any chronic pain, you might want to start laughing as regular as possible. It is the same when one knocks their elbow, and start laughing, you will realize that there isn’t really any pain involved.

4. Laughing Also Helps To Reduce Stress
When you smile or laugh, the endorphins released will help to inhibit cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Usually, Cortisol will be more active if one is anxious, or stressed, which in turn leads to horrible feelings. For that, the cortisol level in the body will cause a bad mood, if it is on the high, but a lower level, or absence of it will make you feel better. You will not need a medication to reduce it, just putting a smile on your face, as constant as you can.

5. Laughing Boosts The Oxygen Content In the Body
When you laugh, the lungs will expand, the muscles will stretch, and in turn, homeostasis will be stimulated. When this happens, the body will reload the oxygen cells in the lungs, and as you know, oxygen is a vital component in the body.

6. It Releases Emotions
Other than stress, emotions can greatly affect you, especially if you let them control you. Take for instance, when you are angry about your broken phone. The best thing to do is not think about who was responsible, or how you will fix it, rather, you may try to imagine how funny it is to drop a phone, yet you have two hands. Laughing will help you release the emotions, it is probably the reason why some people will laugh when they are angry. A good reason could be that they are trying to let go of the anger through the laughter.

7. It Boosts Your Social Skills
In this current world, nearly everyone wants to socialize. The fraternizing aspect of a person is determined by how, and what they talk about. No one would want to talk about negative, discouraging stuff. On the other hand, people want something worth discussing, or rather, something interesting. And any funny topic will always be interesting to a person. A smile will naturally draw people to you, and anyone would be willing to talk with you, if you are smiling. But if you frown too much, one might be afraid of approaching you, because they might not know what your response would be.

8. A Smile Is The Secret Ingredient To Success In Life
You might see a smile as a mere stretch of the lips, but it is more than that. When you smile, you are more likely to have a positive feedback from the people you are with. For instance, in a job interview, a smile will make you relax, and it will also show your confidence. When you smile during the interview, you will show the panel that you can handle any tough situation.

Tips For Smiling And Laughing More
You might have managed to smile one or two times in a day, or week. This is actually possible, because some people tend to dwell more on their problems, which makes them to frown constantly. But here is a slight guide that will help you smile more, and even make it a habit;
• Practice constant laughing and smiling. You can try and get used to smiling as constant as ever. Even if something isn’t funny, you can just laugh, the body will gradually acclimatize to it.
• Watching funny movies. You could also watch some comedy on the TV, whether in movies, TV shows, or at the theater. This brings you more sense of humor. Conversely, negative programs will increase the cortisol level.
• Hang around with people who make you happy. This will make you smile and laugh as constant as ever, and it will turn into a behavior.

Too much seriousness can be very dangerous to your overall health. The body will get used to your frowns, and your forehead lines will form, making you seem older. On the other hand, smiling will make you look younger, and feel energetic as well.

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The Benefits And Tips Of Smiling And Laughing

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